Commercial Building Inspections

Items We Will Inspect On Your Commercial Building

An engineer will evaluate and document the condition of the following building elements so that you can negotiate your purchase price, or document existing conditions if you are going to rent the building:

• Electrical, mechanical, heating, air conditioning, plumbing 

• Roofing systems, structural integrity, walls, floors, ceilings

• Kitchens, restrooms, fire protection, ingress-egress compliance

• Handicapped compliance will be checked in restrooms, building entrances, and parking lot spaces

• Site condition of parking lots, walkways, and drainage systems

• We will rate the overall upkeep of maintenance items. 

A professional engineer with 30 years building experience will perform your commercial inspection!

You will get 2 reports!

1. The full report:  This will document the existing condition of all elements of the building with over 100 items inspected and over 100 pictures in the report.

2. The summary report:  This will list all problems found during the inspection with corresponding pictures of each problem.  Each problem will be rated as to the severity of the problem – Either a maintenance issue, a minor deficiency needing to be corrected in the near future, or major problem causing a safety issue, requiring immediate correction.

Commercial kitchen

We perform the following types of commercial inspections

Retail Space Inspections  These can be located in strip malls, shopping malls, or standalone buildings. Operation of all electrical, heating/cooling, and plumbing systems, are checked along with all the other building components listed above, in these and all commercial inspections

Apartment Complexes – These range anywhere from a duplex to high rise apartment buildings.  In addition to the regular inspection items listed above, California now requires inspections of all apartment balconies, decks and stairs every 6 years, known as the California SB 721 balcony inspection law. Click Here For More Information.

Restaurant Inspections – These can be located in strip malls, shopping malls, or standalone buildings.  Particular attention will be paid to the condition and compliance of the kitchen, including inspecting the exhaust hood and fire protection system. We will document all Health Department violations, as well as all regular commercial building deficiencies.

Health Care / Veterinary Offices  – All building elements will be inspected.  Handicapped accessibility requirements are checked for in health care buildings, as well as all commercial buildings

Office Buildings – All building elements are inspected.  Ingress-egress requirements are checked in office buildings as they are in all commercial inspections

Church Buildings – Condition of all building elements, and general upkeep is documented in church buildings and in all commercial inspections.

Warehouse Buildings  All warehouse building elements are inspected.  Warehouse buildings usually have flat roofs.  The condition of the roof and remaining life are documented in warehouse inspections, and all commercial inspections.

Manufacturing Facilities – In addition to regular inspection items, the condition of the electrical distribution systems will be documented in manufacturing buildings as well as in all commercial inspections.

RV Parks – Electrical power feeds to RV sites will be documented, as well as restroom/clubhouse facilities condition and handicapped compliance. 

Strip Malls / Multi Use  – In addition to regular commercial building inspections at strip malls, the parking lots will be inspected for handicapped parking compliance, and lighting.

Hotels / Casinos  All aspects of the building condition will be documented including the roof, mechanical systems, electrical systems, kitchens, restrooms, site drainage, and overall building condition.

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