Residential, Commercial Inspections in San Diego, CA

Residential, Commercial Inspections in San Diego CA

Founded by a licensed engineer with more than three decades of experience as a general contractor, Home & Commercial Inspections By Nelson Engineering provides reliable residential and commercial inspection services in San Diego, California. Whether you are building, buying, leasing or selling, I can provide the facts you need to make a fully informed investment decision with confidence.

Industry-Leading Home Inspections in San Diego

During a comprehensive walk-through, a certified home inspector will provide a thorough visual inspection of the various components of the residential structure, including the:

  • Exterior – Vinyl siding, stucco, hardboard or brick
  • Structure – Foundation, grading, drainage, walkways, attic and basement
  • Roofing – Roof coverings, drainage systems, flashing, skylights and chimneys
  • Electrical system – Outlets, panels, breakers, lights, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • HVAC system – Compressor, air handler, ductwork, temperature splits and insulation
  • Plumbing – Fixtures and faucets, water supply systems, drains, waste and vent systems, water heater, sump pumps and fuel storage and distribution systems
  • Interior – Ceilings, floors, walls, stairs, appliances and fixtures

We strictly follow the standards of practice for home inspectors established by InterNACHI, the leading home inspection association. After completing our inspection, I will detail our findings in an easy-to-read Spectora report with photos.

Expert Commercial Inspections in San Diego

When performing a commercial inspection, I thoroughly evaluate the property from an investor’s perspective with a focus on the overall condition of the building. We look for defects as well as issues that could affect the cost of operation, restrict usage or require expensive upgrades to comply with applicable building codes if the property is improved.

Home & Commercial Inspections By Nelson Engineering can provide more than a thorough and accurate inspection of residential or commercial property—we will also provide invaluable peace of mind. Contact us today to arrange meet with a home inspector or commercial inspector in San Diego, CA.

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